Tarzan Informations Zentrum

{The Project}


The sculpture will be approximately 3 metres high, made of fibre-reinforced concrete and the portrayal realistic. It will be erected at ground level, without a pedestal. The inside of its head will be shaped like a megaphone, using the shape of the hands as a sound-projecting bell, while the smaller hole at the back of the head will serve as an opening for the speaker (fig,01). It is therefore possible to stand behind Tarzan on a small platform (see "Site description") and call or speak through his head, the sound being amplified. The depicted figure is built like an average man, no muscular superhero, a Tarzan like you or me. Otherwise, he is clearly identifiable as Tarzan (fig.02), being barefoot and wearing a characteristic loincloth.


Tarzan Informations Zentrum01

Tarzan Informations Zentrum02



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