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Special thanks to:
Carl Emanuel Wolff, Uwe Schramm and Christiane Kuhlmann for their supportive texts and thoughts, Alwin Titzrath for his indefatigable and constructive criticism-Alwin, without you, Tarzan would never have been born, Rosadesign for her graphic skills and her friendship, Constanze Vanryne for the English translation, Sophie Stohldreier for the french one and my father for the Dutch one, Mick Vincenz for the photographs provided and well hidden. Myriam Holme, Haarmann, and Philipp Morlock for their laughter that turned into amazement. My parents for their ever surprising support, Lucas und Anna Hicking who gave me back my enthusiasm and sense of wonder. All mine and Alwin’s friends, especially Jörg Schulze who would have had an immense amount of fun with this project, and finally my home town of Essen.

Johannes Gramm


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